Real People: Lin's Story

Jesus knew all about my situation!

Over thirty years ago my whole life was turned upside down when my husband suddenly announced he was going out on his own one Saturday night. Because this wasn't his style and something he never normally did I naturally assumed it was probably another woman. I felt helpless, as four years earlier my dad and mum had both died within five months of each other. I did have an older brother, but he had a young family of his own. So there I was, feeling very alone in the world and feeling anxious as to what I would do.

Some months earlier a friend of mine who lived near the Pentecostal church used to tell me of how she could hear the singing, especially in the summer when they had the windows open. But I thought, "How is this going to help me in my situation?" And thinking back to the Saturday night it slipped into my mind, "I suppose I could go up there".

Next day, Sunday, I got up and got ready to go to the church; I felt very anxious, but I thought, "If I don't like it there will nothing lost". As I approached the door one of the ministers (I later found out) shook my hand and gave me such a friendly welcome, so in I went, and found a seat. Very quickly people were coming in. Within minutes a lady sat next to me with her husband on her other side.

The next thing I knew, the music started and so did the singing. It was amazing, so lively and the singing so happy. After lots of music and singing another minister came with the sermon - it seemed like everything he said just felt aimed at my own situation. It was just as if he had known me. But later on I learned that it was the Holy Spirit working through him, telling me that Jesus loved me. Jesus knew all about my situation and he had the whole thing in his hands. The whole service felt so personal. That day I went home full of peace - considering the situation I was in.

That following week, I went round to one of the ladies from church for coffee. She kept talking about Jesus and I kept thinking that I wasn't sure if I wanted to get mixed up in all that 'religious stuff' (that's what it felt like). But I still went to church the following Sunday. During the service we had Communion (where Christians remember that Jesus gave his life for them to be free). It was explained that if we wanted, at that time, to accept Jesus into our life after accepting what he had done for us on the Cross - right then was an opportunity to do so. I knew this was right for me, to make him my own personal Saviour, because he died for me on the Cross.

After the service, some people were so excited as to what I had done, and that I had made a personal commitment. My situation at home actually got worse, and I was left on my own. It was often very hard and difficult - but I had Jesus as a constant friend. Without him I dread to think where I would be now.

If you ever get the chance to accept Jesus into your life, do it! He will never let you down. He is always with you. It's the best thing you can ever do.